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Customized Batches

We do customized batches for working/ professionals/ Business Owners/Corporate employees which benefits self esteem & productivity.

Ice Breaker

For Employees

Channelize employee’s energy, stress, productivity and wellness.

Trigger positive feelings inside the body & perform better intellectually and emotionally.

Increase cooperation and higher level of productivity.

Better in team building, anti-depressant, creativity.

Any Body Can Dance

Non – Dancers

Boost self-confidence & remove hesitation.

Develop party etiquettes.

Learn to dance on any music beats & enjoy at DJs, Baarat & cruise party.

Grooming tips & photographic postures.

Let’s Nacho

For Kids

Increase kid’s flexibility, strength & stamina.

Channelize energy.

Boost memory, creativity & better balancing.

Dilse Dance

Song Choreography

Select your favourite dance number.

Learn graceful, energetic & entertaining performance.

Learn dance forms like Semi classical, Bollywood, Hip-Hop,

Contemporary, Salsa, Folk, Belly, Wacking & many more.

Menopausal & Antenatal

For Females

Maintain your flexibility & tone your muscles.

Reduce mood swings, anxiety & stress.

The repetitive and rhythmic movement leads to good blood flow.

Build better emotional stability & maintain hormonal balance.